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MagRoc Has Landed!

February 9th, 2012. Filed under: News & Updates

The MagRoc website is now live with information about this amazing new building material which can be used for internal and external linings plus as a new (for New Zealand) structural insulated panel with the MagRoc Insulated Building System.

The production machinery has arrived and set up will be completed by mid March, and the appraisals for NZBC compliance are being completed by Colin Prouse and his team at BEAL. I strongly believe that this type of construction is the future of building in New Zealand as it provides so many benefits in a very simple system.

Insulation ratings for walls of around R4.0 (final values to be determined by BEAL) for a 165mm thick wall with no thermal bridging, very high air tightness levels, won’t support mould, won’t rot or rust or burn, is totally non toxic, and has very high structural resistant to earthquakes – it is almost impossible to find a down side to this product other than its newness to the market.

The response to MagRoc from people within the industry has been very enthusiastic to date and as soon as we have a project under construction we will have an open day for public viewing – stay tuned for details.

We are designing in MagRoc now for residential and commercial projects in the Christchurch area, SI West Coast, Queenstown, and with several very interested parties in the wider Auckland area. If you wish to find out more about the possibilities call Dean on (03) 337-1713.

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