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Energy efficient homes
for New Zealand lifestyles

Dean Buckeridge Architecture is an architectural design practice based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Company principal Dean Buckeridge is a Licensed Building Practitioner and has substantial experience in the industry. His work can be found in residential housing and commercial properties throughout New Zealand.

Dean Buckeridge Architecture’s expertise lies in the design and construction of energy efficient homes and commercial buildings, namely:

  • Energy-efficient homes incorporating the principles of passive solar design, created specifically to suit the client’s site and lifestyle.
  • Structural Insulated Panel construction using the MagRoc Insulated Building System.
  • Affordable housing – single units to apartment complexes.
  • Sustainable architecture including off-grid and grid-tied homes.
  • Earthquake-resistant homes designed to double the new bracing requirements of the NZ Building Code and to incorporate a greater degree of self-reliance for coping in the aftermath of an earthquake.

Dean Buckeridge NZCD (Arch) LBP Design 2


My main area of interest in 22 years of practise has been improving the quality of living in housing through energy efficient design and the advancement of construction techniques.

This led to my involvement in the introduction of MagRoc to the New Zealand market, and further development of the system to obtain CodeMark certification – the highest level of certification for Australian and New Zealand markets. The company, MagRoc NZ was formed in 2011 and has been in full production since February 2014 with almost 100 houses completed across the country. I am a director and shareholder of MagRoc NZ Ltd.

MagRoc is a magnesium oxide based, structural insulated panel building system. In building with MagRoc, we see evidence of housing performance matched only by significantly more costly construction materials and techniques. MagRoc houses are comparable in cost to code minimum traditional timber framed construction but we are seeing performance standards that approach Passiv Haus. A case study house in Christchurch owned by a MagRoc staff member and occupied since June 2015 (NZ winter) has been holding overnight temperatures upwards of 22°C, with no heating other than the sun.

Thermal imaging is showing minimal thermal bridging, air tightness testing is proving that the only limitations are the quality of the joinery and venting systems used, and pre-manufacturing in a factory environment is increasing accuracy and reducing construction times on site.


Dean Buckeridge Architecture continues as a design practise specialising in the bespoke design of housing and commercial buildings.

MagRoc continues to develop its existing products plus many new products that will see entry into the commercial and industrial market with fire and acoustic rated products that exceed the performance of concrete for 7% of the weight offering significant cost savings to commercial construction.

I am also involved in a new housing company Energy + Homes. Here we are using our experience with MagRoc to design and build cost effective architecturally interesting houses that will generate more electricity than they use. We are designing houses for use over the next 50 to 100 years and these houses need to continue to meet the needs of their users for that time.

Our goal is to prove that energy efficiency is the key to housing affordability and we are working with financial advisors to demonstrate that a new Energy + Home is the most cost effective option for first home buyers. By re-investing their saved energy costs into smart mortgages, a 25 year mortgage can be repaid around 10 years earlier, and in the near future their homes can power their electric vehicles.


We see enormous opportunity to develop the current residential new home market away from the existing focus of lowest cost to build with no thought to ongoing operating costs to one where the true cost of ownership is identified. When the desired outcome is minimising energy usage the construction focus changes completely and we believe that we are prototyping the construction systems that will be adopted in the very near future by the industry mainstream.


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